Countertop back bevel process, more flexible appearance

OK series
Design Description
OK series table legs are 76 inclined steel legs, with light and simple appearance, effective decomposition of bearing capacity and more stable structure. Both internal and external repair create elegant and efficient office space.
OK series products cover the main desk, file cabinet, staff table, conference table, public leisure sofa and matching tea table, according to the needs of office use,.

Sofa configuration power socket, temporary office, waiting, group negotiations do not have to worry about charging.

The glass cabinet door with narrow side frame is clean and tidy, and the handle process is excellent.

Complete line management system, reasonable wiring, convenient maintenance.

Countertop back bevel process, appearance more flexible;
The appearance of the baffle plate is full of dynamic design and protects privacy. It is rounded around and detailed.
To reflect the humanization of the product.

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