5 steel foot variety choice, to meet the needs of different office environment.

G series design inspiration: table legs similar to Chinese characters, which contains Chinese charm, to create a rich level of visual beauty of the table legs modeling.
Product highlights:
1. The steel feet are made of high-quality cold-rolled steel, with an integrated design. The appearance can not see the traces of splicing, simple, exquisite and generous.
2. The product connection method is upgraded, with excellent stability performance, the product stability is far better than the same type of products in the same industry, and the installation is simpler and more convenient.
3, ultra-high cost performance.

5 steel foot variety choice, to meet the needs of different office environment.
G series products have five different styles of steel legs to choose from. Rectangular legs are simple and square, and pentagonal pins are flexible and stable.

Multiple routing solutions
Multiple routing solutions
Comprehensive hidden line solution with integrated power management.
Bring together a variety of power management solutions, easy access to power and data information.
The large-capacity wiring trough can provide enough wiring space, and the line socket is arranged in the wiring trough, which is convenient to operate.

Change as needed
Active Systems Change Due to Need
G-Series solutions provide convenient and efficient communication for personal spaces.
Efficient use of space can accommodate more employees and can easily change as your business changes.
A highly flexible system makes it easier to quickly disassemble and reorganize from a focused space to a collaborative space.
Standard parts make it easy for G-share tables to transition from work to conference tables. Meet your changing needs as your business changes.

A variety of lockers can be selected to meet the needs of different positions for file storage.

The desk screen can be customized with functions such as magnetic attraction and ordering, and can also be equipped with pendants such as pen container and flower tube to meet the diversified needs of office, release desktop space and make the station cleaner and tidy.

The G series table screen comes standard with OF-ZP07, and can be equipped with OF-ZP01, OF-ZP03 plate palmcloth, acrylic, glass, MFC board and other table screens made of various materials.

Open staff set, visual fresh open, convenient and efficient communication;
The appearance is simple, the size is appropriate, the wiring is reasonable, to create a light, fashionable, convenient office space.

In the office, teamwork can create higher office efficiency, G series staff to provide a variety of options, single row, double row, attached cabinets, vertical cabinets, push cabinets... designed to create a close cooperation of the office space to promote the work process.

In the team work, sometimes also need some independent thinking space, in the middle of the staff configuration half high attached cabinet, both storage and partition function;
Humanized storage function, open cabinet on the table and drawer under the table, convenient file access, saving time and worry, comfortable and comfortable office work.

The multi-functional attached cabinet integrates the chassis, file storage and routing system to create a connected workplace for more visual experience and inspiration.

The middle of the work station is equipped with storage cabinets, and the department documents are managed efficiently, which is suitable for the working mode of small teams and creates an ideal office space with both independence and cooperation.

The 120-degree working position desktop radian is just right, and the middle supporting feet are routed to make the working structure firmer. Reasonable use of space, showing all-round open space, suitable for office mode with high team cooperation.

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