The sub-cabinet at the bottom of the table is equipped with a hidden CPU storage cabinet, drawer cabinet and door-covering cabinet.

MIX series product design inspiration comes from Norway's forests, glaciers, rivers, quiet mountains......
MIX integrates natural elements into the product. The log tripod, which is polished with rounded corners, is soft and round, and is matched with hardware beams with stable structure, so that the office space contains infinite power in quietness and creates a relaxed and comfortable office atmosphere.
The MIX series covers the executive table, staff table, conference table, bar table, coffee table and matching file cabinets to create a variety of office space.

MIX table foot selection of North American N70 ° ash, natural texture, everywhere exudes a natural atmosphere.
DO1 master table, simple straight countertop, can be matched with mobile sub-cabinet, can also be matched with activity cabinet, easy to space reconstruction, flexible and convenient.
Table board right angle anti-bevel edge paint sealing process, exquisite and elegant, light and stylish.
With metal brush over the line cover, humanized design, keep the desktop clean and tidy, to meet personal electricity needs.

The collocation and collision of wild oak color and metallic gray reveal the breath of nature;
The main table and the attached cabinet echo high and low, scattered, full of artistic sense of hierarchy.
Solid wood table legs are matched with hardware and steel beams, which are quick to assemble and stable in structure. The table legs are designed to have more knee-accommodating space and enjoy comfortable office work.
Under-stage hidden routing system, desktop with aluminum alloy brush cover, stable high temperature resistance, anti-aging, safety and multiple protection.
Desktop use sliding integrated socket, easy and convenient, beautiful and practical;

The sub-cabinet at the bottom of the table is equipped with hidden CPU storage cabinets, drawer cabinets and door-covering cabinets, and storage partitions, so that the work is orderly.

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