Training table (left pull)

Powerful, widely used.

The Zola series is elegant and pleasing to the eye, and its novel and unique appearance highlights the user's elegant taste. And powerful, widely used. This extends the Zola series of products not only in the training room, but also to other business space.

Zola is a set of integrated training furniture series including desks, whiteboards, tutor desks, etc. It is designed to meet the all-round needs of teaching and learning models.

The design concept of the Zola series is simple and clear: to create a very flexible office environment, so that the operation of the enterprise is highly flexible, while facilitating individual work and teamwork.

The Zola training table is designed to support different learning modes. Able to improve the line of sight, promote cooperation, and help determine the individual's work area.

Modern lines and soft corners together create a Zola training table with distinctive style and various materials, adding personalized scenery to all team spaces. Whether used alone or in combination, they are perfect for your various work activities.

Peripheral work accessories support employees in today's fast-paced, demanding office environment, allowing employees to personalize their space and work more efficiently.

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