Screen F series

Create a new trend of office, carefully planned combination design

F5 adopts flat edge closing, square frame, frame thickness of 50mm, simple and generous modeling, will be simple, generous deduction incisively and vividly, creating a new trend of office. Flexible combination, strong and scientific line management, rich and beautiful hanging. Meet the new needs of the E era office. The well-planned combination design provides the necessary privacy and provides a safe storage space for office supplies and other equipment. As a stable screen, F5 can be combined with F3 simple screen to create a thick and thin workstation, which further optimizes the line management function of the space.

The most ideal work space design must have the two characteristics of fashion and flexibility at the same time, and the thick and thin combination screen provides you with the best of both worlds. This combination of functional excellence brings you unlimited possible combinations to meet your needs, while maximizing the use of space, highlighting the taste of elegant fashion.

In order to ensure the quality of the staff's lunch break and welcome the afternoon work in a better state, more and more enterprises and institutions choose to install lunch break beds in their office spaces. The folding lunch break bed is equipped with a storage cabinet, which perfectly solves the dual needs of unified beauty and practical functions of the office.

Line management optimization
A variety of exquisite accessories and line management elements of the free combination, to provide you with the most suitable line solution. You can easily arrange the wires covertly according to the layout of your work environment.
All splitters and wire hole covers are made of high-quality engineering plastics, avoiding the risk of conductive transmission.

Screen system support steel feet series
Our design aims to further enrich the personalized needs of today's employees and office space. A variety of steel feet with different shapes and colors are available, which provides customers with more diversified customization options.

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