MIX series products to create a variety of office space

MIX series product design inspiration comes from Norway's forests, glaciers, rivers, quiet mountains......
MIX integrates natural elements into the product. The log tripod, which is polished with rounded corners, is soft and round, and is matched with hardware beams with stable structure, so that the office space contains infinite power in quietness and creates a relaxed and comfortable office atmosphere.
The MIX series covers the executive table, staff table, conference table, bar table, coffee table and matching file cabinets to create a variety of office space.

The staff position is equipped with a line cover that can store stationery. It is easy to store stationery such as note paper, pens, business cards, etc., which is convenient and practical, and the office desktop is neat and beautiful.
Complete line management system, reasonable wiring, convenient maintenance.
MIX staff table humanized locker design, open cabinet, drawer cabinet, flower trough cabinet everything, reasonable storage layout; With fresh and natural MIX table legs, the office is full of humanistic care and people enjoy the convenience and comfort of work all the time.
MIX shared communication table set is designed with side cabinets. It is a personal office table and a conference table. It is a modern multi-functional table set integrating personal workplace and conference area. Whether it is personal privacy work, team discussion and modern video conference, the shape of the table top is very suitable for the use of modern equipment.

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