New Olang

Independent activities of the sub-cabinet, free to move to save space

Rules, the radius to also.
-- Mencius
Product design in line with traditional Chinese aesthetic,
It embodies the Chinese culture.
aluminum alloy support foot:
The inner facade (square) is molded, with strong line sense, simple and fashionable;
Outer arc surface (circle) human contact position, safe and gentle.
The new Oulang series covers the chief desk, staff desk, conference table, coffee table, sofa and filing cabinet to meet the diversified office needs.
Steel baffle, irregular hole type, smart design is not rigid at the same time play the role of privacy protection, everywhere reflects the humanization of the product.
Independent activities of the sub-cabinet, free to move to save space.
The top of the cabinet is anti-drop and separated from the storage. It is equipped with the main cooling hole, drawer cabinet, door cabinet and space cabinet. It has diversified storage and storage functions to meet the needs of office.
The new Oulang table leg aluminum alloy arc edging process conforms to the principle of humanized design. The table top is round and gentle, creating a comfortable and personalized office space.
Complete line management system, reasonable wiring, convenient maintenance.
Desk electricity, convenient and fast, do not have to worry about charging.
Desktop wood grain and white color matching design, with white steel bezel, and the table foot color in one go, giving modern beauty.
The document back cabinet is mainly composed of regular spaces, supplemented by sliding rails and sliding doors, which are beautiful and practical, master reasonable storage rules at any time, and have an orderly office life.
The table is equipped with a cabinet installation socket, and the desktop is equipped with a wire cover. Make the line easier and cleaner.

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