The overall layout of the storage heart

Caesar Series

Design inspiration
The complexity of contemporary life, people yearn for slow pace, eager to seek peace and order in the visual impact;
The design of Caesar series products conforms to the aesthetic values of contemporary minimalism, follows the essence and essence of the product, simplifies the complexity, and repairs both inside and outside to achieve the perfect unity of aesthetics and mechanics;
Caesar smooth lines, sophisticated materials, stable structure, complete functions, to meet the diverse needs of individual office.

Ingenuity Diversified Matching Scheme
Caesar series products adopt the systematic design idea of the overall solution. The products cover the main management table, the main management table of the side high cabinet, the filing cabinet, the middle cabinet, the low cabinet, the conference table and the negotiation table. Many specifications are available to meet the needs of different groups and office space.

Modern Simple Rigid and Soft
Caesar's unique combination of electroplated aluminum alloy steel feet and wood softness is full of strength, moving and static, combining hardness and softness, giving unlimited natural vitality to the space.

Caesar product design to meet the function at the same time, everywhere embodies the humanization.
The countertop is designed with beveled edges and rounded edges for softness and lightness.
The auxiliary cabinet is equipped with a main cabinet, drawer cabinet, etc. The arc-shaped plate on the inner side of the sliding door is convenient for the computer host to switch on and off, and hidden line management is used to meet the demand for office electricity.
The drawer door panel is designed to be both practical and aesthetic.

The overall layout of the storage heart
The design scheme of the integration of office desk and file cabinet can effectively improve the utilization rate of space, especially for offices with relatively small space, which can solve the storage demand of personal office without separately configuring file cabinet.

The hidden line management of the side cabinet and the mobile sliding door design at the bottom of the table are convenient for storing and taking items from the main machine.
Hidden high-quality aluminum alloy handle design, both to meet the use of functional and make the product appearance neat and beautiful.

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