Office furniture soaked in water?

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Once the office furniture is accidentally soaked in water, it is a bit troublesome, especially for wooden office furniture. But the water soaked office furniture is not irreparable, but how to repair it? This requires you to master certain skills, improper operation is easy to destroy the furniture, the following Ovan Xiaobian to explain to you.

Office FurnitureOnce you accidentally soak in water, it will be a bit of trouble,Especially for wooden office furnitureto say. But...Water-soaked office furniture is not impossible.SaveYes,HowRemedial RepairWhat about this?NeedEverybodyMastercertainSkills, improper operation can easily destroy furniture, underFace OufanSmall make up for everyoneExplain it.

The first category: repair wooden office furniture

1After the office furniture is soaked in water, do not expose the furniture to the sun, because the general wooden furniture is prone to thermal expansion and contraction, and some places willThereforeCracking, deformation, surfacebecomeMore dilapidated, once the sun is very prone to deformation, and destroy the overall structure of the furniture.


2After the furniture is soaked in water, the natural air drying effect is the best, and a special dehumidifier can also be used for dehumidification. Be sure to ensure that the furniture is completely dry, otherwise it will not be handled well and the interior will be moist, which will easily cause the furniture to mold.


  1. After the furniture is completely air-dried, the furniture can be repaired. For surface damage and scratches, it can be treated by spraying the same color paint. In addition, special maintenance paint can be sprayed on the surface to prevent wood furniture from mildew and worms.

The second category: other materials furniture repair


1Once the metal office furniture is soaked in water, the metal is very easy to rust. After soaking in water, it must be wiped clean. Every joint and other size area cannot be ignored, and it can be wiped with antirust agent to prolong its service life.


  1. Repair of metal office furniture is best to find professionals to repair, non-professional manufacturers are difficult to repair intact.

The office furniture repaired by soaking in water, if repaired well, is almost new.The same, the naked eye is difficult to distinguish;partblack heartOffice furniture factory in order to save materials, will be soaked in water after the repair of office furniture sold to customers, the followingOufanThe editor will teach you how to identify theseRepair after being soaked in waterThe office furniture:


1,FocusCheck the most moldy parts of the whole furniture, such as the wrinkled part of the sofa, the corner of the chair and the bottom of the sofa, touch whether it is wet and smell to see if it has a musty smell.


2Wooden furniture can look around for water stains? Is the place where the veneer is pasted not enough??Pressure to see if the structureWhether it is stable enough.


  1. Some of the furniture has been soaked in waterwill be sold at a special priceAt this time, we should not be too greedy for petty gain,If you intend to use for a long timeFurniture, be sure to make sureQuality is guaranteed. No matterWhether to buy office furniture or repair furniture that has been soaked in water,Everyone must be careful, only in this way can office furniture be used well.

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