Office furniture material analysis, how to judge what is good office furniture

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At present, many people in the procurement of modern office furniture, mostly pay attention to the quotation and the function of office furniture and little to understand the detailed materials of office furniture. Ou Fan Xiaobian quietly told everyone that only by understanding the materials of office furniture can we buy good office furniture.


When we buy office furniture,It is best to master some knowledge of the raw materials of office furniture in advance, so as to be ableHelp usBuy outGood quality modern office furniture.

SpeakingOffice furniture raw materials, it must first say wooden office furniture:Wooden raw materialsThere are many kindsofFor example: pine, oak, pine and so on.

The raw wood is not used directly.Oh: this requiresFirst through the processing, the skin needs to brush paint;

Among the wood, oakthanMuch better than pine, the effect of changes in wet temperature on pineLarger,The temperature is high, the wood is easy to crack and so on.

Then paint: even environmentally friendly paint,also need goodThe manufacturing process is the only way to make a good one.Modern office furniture.

Currently mostmodernThe steel used in office furniture is cold rolled steel, and the function of these cold rolled steel is relatively good, which is in line with the use of modern office furniture raw materials.AlsoThere are some poor office furniture manufacturers, with some poor steel, such as rusty or iron sheet, this and cold rolled steel is still very different, we should pay attention to distinguish;


There is also a wooden office furniture is plate office furniture, is made of solid wood particles, two sides of the veneer.

Wood-based panels are divided into E1, E2 and other grades;

E2 is a smell, E1 has a little, but to reach the national environmental standards, no damage to the human body.

There is also an international standard E0, Ovan modern office furniture uses E0.

All right, the above is what Xiaobian brings to everyone. Regarding the purchase of office furniture, it is also necessary to understand the raw materials of office furniture. Xiaobian hopes that the above knowledge can give some help to those who want to purchase office furniture.