How to extend the service life of office furniture, daily maintenance is very important!

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Most of the office furniture are plate furniture, plate furniture in a large part of the simulation furniture, want to office furniture bright and clean as new, then you need some daily maintenance, then the daily needs of office furniture maintenance.

Office FurnitureMost of them are panel furniture, and a large part of panel furniture is simulation furniture.If you want office furniture to be bright and clean as new, then you need some daily maintenance, so what kind of daily maintenance is needed for office furniture? Ou Fan Xiaobian tidied up several suggestions for the maintenance of office furniture for the majority of enterprises..

OfficeFurnitureDaily Dust Removal of Maintenance

Dust exists all the time, so dust removal needs to be done every day, otherwise it will not be easy to clean if it is accumulated for a long time. This is also the simplest way to maintain furniture and the longest one.

When removing dust, it is best to use pure cotton woven cloth, because this cloth is very soft, not easy to damage the furniture.

If you want to reduce dust, you can also do the maintenance of the furniture when waxing.

Suitable humidity for maintenance of panel furniture

If the furniture is easy to deform and crack in a dry environment.

Panel furniture maintenance is the most taboo is dry, so we should keep the space has appropriate humidity.

Also can not let the furniture exposure, direct sunlight, avoid close to the air conditioning and each outlet strong place, should be often ventilated.

OfficeFurnitureStable placement for maintenance

The way of furniture maintenance also has a place that must be paid attention to is that the furniture must be placed smoothly.

If placed unevenly, the bonding part of the furniture will crack, thus shortening the service life of the furniture.

If it is not flat, it will also affect the appearance.

So everyone must pay good attention.


When placing furniture, it is easy to knock the panel furniture, so be careful when handling it, and try not to place hard objects with sharp corners.

If you accidentally scratch or knock it, and the area is not very large, you can use repair crayons with similar colors to repair it, and be sure to spray paint it after smearing it.!

OfficeFurnitureDo not dismantle it without permission for maintenance.

Some people like to clean up.Take the furniture down, you know?

This is the wrong behavior, because you are in the disassembly or assembly, are prone to dislocation, damage.

Therefore, in the process of furniture maintenance, do not dismantle or install furniture without permission.

If you can do the above, do well.OfficeFurniture maintenance work must be able to extend its useful life, economical and affordableCost savings for businesses.