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Make office furniture shine like a new secret

Make office furniture shine like a new secret

2019-08-13 11:04
  Our office furniture is slowly getting old and damaged due to the high frequency of daily use and the surrounding environment. In fact, as long as you take good care of it, learn some tips, and do daily cleaning, your office furniture value will remain! Today, Ou Fan Xiaobian of office furniture manufacturers should teach you about the maintenance skills of office furniture, so that your desk and chair can be restored to the new and beautiful.
  In this world, many items have their own way of living. The sun is good for plants and humans, but excessive sunlight can be harmful to the body. The same is true for office furniture. Occasionally, the sun can keep the office furniture dry and reduced. Just mentioned that the sun will keep the office furniture dry, reduce the internal moisture, and extend the life of the office furniture. The reason for this is that if too much water is in the office furniture, it will cause the furniture to be easily deformed after use and the edge of the furniture to crack. Office furniture becomes damp because of the surrounding environment and weather, so don't let the furniture be in a damp place. If the room is too humid, you can buy a special dehumidifier to keep the furniture dry. Let the office furniture shine like a new secret, it is so simple... In addition to the above matters, we must also pay attention not to let the office furniture be too close to the heat source, such as the heating pipe used in winter, warm Fans, etc., must be kept at a certain distance from the office furniture, otherwise there will be burnt and wrinkled furniture. Every time you maintain office furniture, remember to clean the office furniture first. After the furniture is dry, wipe some light wax to keep the color of the furniture. Let office furniture shine.


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