Ingenuity remains unchanged, brand ambition has not yet disappeared, and enterprises have not yet been nurtured.

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Recently, our chairman Yang Jiaochun accepted an interview with "A New Era of Dreams". In the interview, Chairman Yang Jiaochun gave an in-depth account of the way of starting a business, the way of branding, and the spirit of Chinese craftsmen. He showed his life experience of constantly surpassing himself in starting a business and his own development, and revealed how he grew up in the industry and established his "leading" position.

 Recently, our chairman yang Jiaochun was interviewed by "casting a new era of dreams". in the interview, chairman yang Jiaochun gave an in-depth account of the way of starting a business, the way of branding, carrying forward the spirit of Chinese craftsmen, showing his life experience of constantly surpassing himself in starting a business and his own development, and revealing how he grew up and laid the foundation in the industry."Pilot" status.


Ingenuity unchanged cast brand High-minded enterprises

-- Interview with Yang Jiaochun, Chairman of Guangdong Oufan Furniture Co., Ltd.


"Xiongguan Mandao is really like iron." Now, Yang Jiaochun has gradually stepped out of his own world in the field of office furniture. Difficulties and hardships, Yuru Yu Cheng. Years of entrepreneurial experience made him know that if an enterprise wants to achieve considerable development, it is far from enough to blindly learn from experience. It must keep up with the development trend of the times and continue to innovate in products and technology. Therefore, Yang Jiaochun continued to explore and insist on originality in product development and design, and finally obtained many invention patents. Adhering to this development concept, the company has won many honors, such as "China's top ten innovative brands of office furniture" and "China's top ten brands of steel and wooden office furniture. Today, Guangdong Ou Fan FurnitureCo., Ltd. has developed into a diversified enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales of office commercial furniture, and continues to expand new market segmentation fields, and strive for a diversified furniture group.Dare to move forward!Under the background of the new era, Yang Jiaochun and his Guangdong Oufan Furniture Co., Ltd. are writing a brand-new story for them!



"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." Everything is done from 1.1 drops of hard work. After graduating from school, Yang Jiaochun came to Guangzhou to look for job opportunities. After recruitment, he was able to enter a well-known furniture company and gradually found fun from it. At the same time, he also smelled the business opportunities contained in it. After working in the company for five years, Yang Jiaochun was unwilling to do so and was eager to make achievements in his career. As a result, he led several like-minded partners to establish Guangzhou Yaohe Commercial Furniture Technology Co., Ltd., and officially acquired Guangdong Oufan Furniture Co., Ltd. in 2017, making unremitting efforts to become a world-class commercial space planning and furniture service provider!

All things are difficult in the beginning. In the early days of the establishment of the company, it was difficult for all kinds of work to improve. Yang Jiaochun had to deal with various problems one after another every day and overcome one difficulty after another. It coincided with the financial crisis at that time, which caused the production costs of raw materials and labor produced by the company to rise seriously. In addition, Yang Jiaochun started his first business, lack of experience and management ability, and he was very unfamiliar with many things. Therefore, he encountered many obstacles in the early stage of his business. The old saying goes:"Contempt for danger, sigh drifting, close mountains for thousands of miles to walk". But for Yang Jiaochun at that time, what he encountered was mostly dangerous obstacles, and it was difficult to cross the mountain, and he could not see the dawn of hope. The cycle goes on and on, and the stars change. Yang Jiaochun spent that period of time that was slightly dark for him in this intertwined, painful and happy life. In spite of this, Yang Jiaochun still did not give up and chose to retreat. He still looks for new customer resources every day, still deals with all kinds of people, still learns the management experience of the team, still actively mobilizes everyone's emotions, so that the company always twists together to face difficulties and obstacles together. He believes that as long as he holds the momentum of "holding on to the green hills and not relaxing", he will certainly be able to wait for the harvest season.

"Without a bit of cold to the bone, how can you get the fragrance of plum blossoms". It is precisely because of this persistence that Yang Jiaochun can continue to overcome obstacles and achieve one achievement after another on the way forward. Despite thousands of blows, Yang Jiaochun never changed his mind and worked hard. Looking back on the past, in the lonely and embarrassing days, the TV entrepreneurial program ''Win in China'' gave him a lot of psychological comfort. He learned a lot of nutrients from it, and also gained a lot of experience from the comments of Jack Ma and other guests. Experience and management experience. With this indomitable tenacity, Yang Jiaochun's career gradually improved, his career began to get on the right track, and slowly walked out of the hall.

Today's Oufan Furniture Co., Ltd. is in the rising period of development, the company's face is booming. The company currently has employees.More than 300 people, with an annual output value of more than 100 million, have built their own production plants in Guangzhou, Foshan and other places, and have their own R & D and sales companies at the junction of the two places. In addition, the company is investing more manpower and material resources to prepare for the construction of the Greater Bay Area Industrial Park, and is gradually involved in market segments such as hotel furniture and medical furniture. It plans to reach an output value of 3 to 0.5 billion within 3 years. And reputation continues to reach a new level.

At the same time, the company has made great progress in the management level and the arrangement of the specific daily organization form, and is bravely moving towards a large and diversified furniture enterprise. In addition, the company continues to make efforts in customer service and innovate in product forms and production modes, striving to bring consumers a more comfortable office environment experience, effectively improve the quality of life of users, strive to create greater value for the society, realize the unity of employees' personal value and social value, and make the enterprise truly become a furniture brand worthy of thousands of consumers, In order to enhance the status of enterprises in the industry field!

Management contains ingenuity

How to do a good job in the rising period of enterprise development management, related to the survival of enterprises."What you get on paper is always shallow." In the final analysis, management cannot be empty talk. It needs to be practical.The production practice is refined into specific rules and systems, and a sound management system is used to restrain employees to ensure the normal operation of the company and achieve more outstanding performance.

In enterprise management, Yang Jiaochun insistedThe creed of "product quality is king", with the spirit of craftsmen to seriously develop and polish each product. In his view, product quality is always the foundation of an enterprise and the first indicator. For traditional industries such as furniture, there is no high-quality products that cannot withstand the long-term test of the market, and they are destined to be eliminated. At any time, Yang Jiaochun puts the quality of the product in a very important position. It is like the source of the company, which will give the company a steady stream of vitality and nutrients, so that the company will continue to create a good reputation in the market and gradually win users. Favor, and even occupy an increasing market share.

A man cannot stand without faith. In the process of enterprise development, integrity management is also very important."Those who are not strong in ambition are not wise, and those who are not convinced are not fruitful". Since ancient times, our emphasis on integrity is self-evident. In this regard, Yang Jiaochun also attaches great importance to it, which is not only reflected in the legal operation of the enterprise and paying taxes on time, but also in paying employees on time and in accordance with regulations, and in abiding by the contract with partners; more importantly, Yang Jiaochun deeply rooted the concept of honest management in all aspects of user service, we will give timely follow-up and feedback to the promised services and problems about the products within the specified time, so that the services of the enterprise can be truly implemented and we will make unremitting efforts to improve the satisfaction of users.

In terms of talent management, Yang Jiaochun innovatively adopts the enterprise partner system. For outstanding talents with special expertise and ability to be independent, Yang Jiaochun will give certain share incentives and become partners of the company. This kind of measure is not only conducive to enterprises to absorb a large number of talents, gradually expand and strengthen the market share, but also can combine the personal future of outstanding talents with the development of enterprises, and give them great respect, so as to build a community of common destiny between enterprises and individuals, give full play to their enthusiasm and creativity to the greatest extent, and make the two work together to create a better future for enterprises. In addition, the company has also formulated a detailed work reward and punishment mechanism to give appropriate incentives to employees who have contributed, so as to promote their enthusiasm, make suggestions for the development of the company, and constantly hone their skills in their own posts. become the backbone of the development process of the enterprise."The waves behind the Yangtze River push the waves ahead, and the new people in the world catch up with the old". At any time, the cultivation, introduction and management of talents are very important. Yang Jiaochun is well aware of this and has injected endless effort into this aspect.

In daily business activities, Yang Jiaochun is also ingenious and attaches great importance to product innovation and application. To this end, Yang Jiaochun set up a R & D center to continuously invest in product R & D and design, constantly explore and adhere to originality, and strive to show characteristics in product design and production, showing the advantage of differentiated competition."Full of vitality and transformation, day workers and people strive for new things". Innovation undoubtedly plays an extremely important role in enterprise competition, which Yang Jiaochun knows very well. In order to improve the market competitiveness of products, Yang Jiaochun has made great efforts in user needs, targeted development and design of different styles of furniture products, and is at the forefront of the industry in the field of customized office furniture. In addition, Yang Jiaochun also attaches great importance to active communication with users, to be perfect in details, and to give timely feedback to the questions raised to continuously improve user satisfaction. It is with this craftsman spirit that his company can always maintain a strong position in the face of fierce market competition, and can continue to develop and move forward!

In the after-sales service, Yang Jiaochun also put in full effort. The company is a long-term designated supplier for major customers such as party and government agencies, financial institutions, large and medium-sized enterprises, and cultural and educational media systems. It has a good reputation in customer service and has won the continuous trust of customers. He knows that a good user reputation is extremely critical to the development of the enterprise, and even becomes the key to the final victory of the enterprise market competition. Today, when customer needs are becoming more and more personalized, Yang Jiaochun never forgets to grasp the key point of user needs, and begins to try to use the Internet for brand promotion and marketing, so that customer needs and producers can complete timely seamless docking, reduce all kinds of troubles caused by slow feedback, enable customers to obtain the best purchasing experience, and realize all-round communication and service of customer feedback.


Carrying forward the past and opening up the future contains ambition

Time has changed, and the scenery is different. Under the background of the new era, how to seize the opportunity of development or not to be eliminated by the times has become an urgent problem for Yang Jiaochun to think about."The yellow dust, clear water and three mountains have become more and more like a horse for a thousand years". In the era of big waves and sand, if you can't keep up with the pace of the times, you will inevitably face the fate of being eliminated. At present, China is facing a severe environmental situation, and environmental protection has become an issue that enterprises have to face in the process of development. The same is true of the furniture industry in which Yang Jiaochun is located, which requires enterprises to change the extensive production mode in the past, strengthen technological innovation in production and operation, use energy-saving and environment-friendly raw materials, and always tighten the nerves of environmental protection production. so that enterprises can complete transformation and upgrading under the new situation, so as to promote its rapid development.

In Yang Jiaochun's view, customization and intelligence are the future development trend of the furniture industry. In this regard, he believes that the majority of the furniture industry needs to make early preparations and continuously enhance the application of its intelligent level in the production and manufacturing process of products. Moreover, he believes that the future style of furniture will be more concise and fashionable, and the demand for functionality will be more important. Therefore, enterprises need to make a fuss about functional differentiation and constantly innovate to meet the functional needs of different types of customers. In addition, in today's rapid development of automation technology, Yang Jiaochun also carried out drastic reforms to the production mode of enterprises. To this end, he actively introduced new automation technology, widely used mechanization and flexible production in mold manufacturing and application, so that the production mode gradually changed from relying on people to relying on systems, software, and machines, and gradually realized furniture The automated production of the company has improved production efficiency and obtained greater economic benefits.

Under the new situation of mobile Internet, the brand construction and publicity of enterprises are particularly important. In order to gain greater influence, Yang Jiaochun actively embraces the Internet ecology and uses the Internet.With the power of the media to promote corporate image, in the construction of the brand route to establish a characteristic marketing strategy. At the same time, Yang Jiaochun believes that Internet marketing should be based on the good enough products, and should not put the cart before the horse. Marketing should play an icing on the cake for high-quality products. Its ultimate goal is to better serve customers to achieve the purpose of satisfying consumers, so as to continuously promote the development and growth of enterprises, and constantly create greater social benefits while obtaining economic benefits. To this end, Yang Jiaochun set up"Happy office" brand concept. In his view, the concept of "happy office" can make employees have more enthusiasm for work and have more room for development, so as to create greater contributions to enterprises on the basis of realizing personal value. Moreover, Yang Jiaochun also actively spread the concept of "happy office" through self-media and other media forms, so as to convey a relaxed and pleasant working atmosphere to the audience in the network promotion. The working state presented by this form of humanized management also helps to narrow the distance between the enterprise and the user, thereby enhancing the closeness and enabling consumers to obtain a natural goodwill in product consumption.

"Generations of talented people have come out, each leading the way for hundreds of years". In today's mass entrepreneurship and innovation, Yang Jiaochun also gives advice to young people who are interested in entrepreneurship. In his view, starting a business is not a matter of hasty decision at the stroke of the forehead, which requires careful consideration before it can be put into action. And in terms of the current situation, although the threshold for starting a business has become lower, the success rate is also lower. Entrepreneurship is difficult and there are many battles. Choosing to start a business means giving up fixed living habits. You must learn to deal with various things, deal with various characters, master various skills, and overcome various difficulties. Therefore, Yang Jiaochun believes that young people should think a lot of things before choosing to start a business, be cautious and rational, look for the needs of users, solve the pain points of users, and clarify the characteristics and advantages of their own products. In this way, it is possible to go smoothly on the road of starting a business. If not, become a talent in the professional field in the company andBecoming a partner or manager of a firm is also a safer life option.

In terms of expectations for national policies, Yang Jiaochun believes that under the current situation, my country's manufacturing industry is undergoing a process from rapid development to high-quality development, and the development of traditional enterprises is facing operating difficulties such as rising raw materials and social policies. The problem. But to some extent, he believes that this is an opportunity for the development of those enterprises that adhere to the original intention. Those well-managed enterprises will eventually survive and grow under the test of the market. Yang Jiaochun also hopes that the relevant state departments can give greater financial support and more comprehensive guidance to small and medium-sized enterprises, have more humanized guidance and support in the standardized management of enterprises, and give enterprises a buffer period for transformation and development. In addition, in terms of intellectual property protection, Yang Jiaochun hopes that the state can give greater protection to enterprises and increase penalties for related infringements to avoid vicious competition and encourageOriginal, to promote the innovation enthusiasm of enterprises.

If one has no foresight, one must have immediate worries. In the future, Yang Jiaochun hopes that he can get rid of inherent prejudices in business management, and be more pioneering and forward-looking in terms of thinking and pattern.Sex, more bold and creative in corporate decision-making. However, Yang Jiaochun and his Oufan Furniture Co., Ltd. will always adhere to the corporate philosophy of Do not forget your initiative mind and honest management,Adhere to the principles and bottom line of product quality, focus on product development and production with the heart of a craftsman, be customer-oriented, establish a good reputation in user service, carry forward the past, continue to innovate, and strengthenWill not disappear, the wish force, cast the enterprise's bright prospects and bright future!"There will be a long wind and waves, and there will be times when the clouds sail straight and the sea". I believe that at the new historical starting point, Yang Jiaochun will definitely work with him.Our colleagues continue to pave the upward ladder of the enterprise, inject infinite energy into the development and growth of the enterprise with full enthusiasm and full confidence, and create more on the basis of the realization of personal value.The social value, constantly meet the needs of others, and jointly write a brilliant chapter belonging to all colleagues!