Make office furniture shine like a new secret

Our office furniture is slowly getting old and damaged due to the high frequency of daily use and the surrounding environment. In fact, as long as you take good care of it, learn some tips, and do daily cleaning,
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What are the characteristics of modern office furniture?

OFan Xiaobian answers for you: 1, first of all, the characteristics of modern style furniture is simple and bright. This is one of the most obvious features. The characteristics of modern style furniture are very obvious, which is one of the reasons why consumers are very fond of modern style furniture.
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What kind of wood is good for solid wood office furniture?

It is better to use pine wood, the price is relatively high, the price is generally about 6500 yuan, and it will not be very expensive. It has the following advantages: 1. The selection,
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Use of wooden furniture

Do not place wooden furniture in a place that is too humid or dry. It is not suitable for placing near high temperature and high heat such as stove heating. Otherwise it is prone to mildew or chapped. So pay attention to temperature, prevent sun exposure, prevent moisture and so on.
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Cleaning of wooden furniture

The cleaning of wooden furniture is relatively more troublesome. Let us introduce the general cleaning method.
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