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Join Service Support

Join Service Support

Join Service Support

Terminal construction support policy
The unified image of the standard store design, the drawings are provided by the OFUN headquarters.
Training service support policy
OFUN headquarters will start training and regular training for successful businesses to ensure the execution of the terminal.
Guangxuan Data Support Policy
Before the opening of the contract, the headquarters will support a certain number of samples, paintings, hangings, CDs, etc. at one time.
Business Circle Support Policy
The OFUN headquarters will send personnel to the terminal business district to help the franchisees operate the store and achieve performance growth.
Intellectual property protection policy
Some parts and appearances of the monopoly series products have applied for relevant national patents, and franchisees enjoy patent protection.
Store operation support policy
In order to improve store operation efficiency and enhance store operation efficiency, OFUN headquarters will provide a complete system of “franchised store operation manual” for each store.
Advertising support policy
When appropriate, OFUN headquarters will strengthen the brand's media operation in the national market, and strive to create a more benign marketing environment for each participating region.
Delivery and quality assurance support policy
In 2018, OFUN Furniture will use 80% of the company's resources for core customers (ie contracted stores and distributors) based on the 2/8 principle, and will provide double guarantees for quality and delivery time; Van Gogh Furniture solemnly promises to guarantee the qualified rate of contracted specialty stores and distributors over 97% in 2018, and the on-time delivery rate is over 95%.
OFUN is your excellent partner
Online drainage support
New OFUN established a network promotion department, where professionals channel resources on the line and distribute them to offline stores or brand agents by region.
Project dual qualification operation support
OFUN has a perfect project bidding qualification, and the integrated OFUN will have dual qualifications for franchisees to use. It is more convenient in project operation.
Project operation professional team support
OFUN has a professional project operation team, providing competitive advantages such as project bidding dual qualification support, project project design, project negotiation, project sample discount and rapid sample protection. And enjoy the free bidding production support of the bidding project once a month, so that the OFUN store has a richer sales means and project operation ability.
Quick rebate guarantee
The medium and large-scale engineering projects operating under the name of "OFUN" are vested in the funds of the project partners and enjoy fast rebate protection, 10 days within 500,000 yuan, 15 days within 1 million yuan, and refunds within 1 million days and 20 days.
After joining, your beneficiary rights
First, the use of image rights:
During the contract period, you have the right to use the OFUN brand for free.
Second, the regional protection rights:
We implement strict regional protection policies based on different levels of specialty stores, and implement strict urban or commercial protection policies for specialty stores. Exclusive stores enjoy exclusive rights to operate in the region or city.
Third, priority renewal rights:
After the expiration of the franchise contract, the store is willing to renew the cooperation and there is no violation in the previous period. We unconditionally handle the new franchise contract according to relevant policies.

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