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Affiliate Policy

Affiliate Policy

Affiliate Policy

Standard store decoration subsidy policy
1.1 For the signing of the "Professional Store Cooperation Agreement" and the decoration of the storefront as defined by Ou Fan's "third generation image S standard" as a standard store;
1.2 The standard store completes the store decoration and is supported by the decoration subsidy of the Ou Fan acceptance standard. The specific support terms are as follows:
1.2.1 The actual area of ​​the A-level store is more than 500 square meters, and the patch of 200 yuan/square meter is given;
1.2.2 The actual area of ​​the B-level specialty store is 300-500 (inclusive), and the repaired post of 150 yuan/square meter is given;
1.2.3 The actual area of ​​the C-level specialty store is 200-300 (inclusive), and the repaired post of 100 yuan/square meter is given;
1.2.4 The actual area of ​​the D-class specialty store is less than 200 square meters, no decoration subsidy;
1.3 The decoration of the specialty store is completed, and the decoration subsidy can be calculated after passing the on-site acceptance and measurement by our regional manager.
1.4 The decoration subsidy can only offset the payment (except for the first batch of samples) and does not subsidize cash;
1.5 Renovation subsidy return method:
The decoration subsidy can not offset the first batch of sample store purchases. When the accumulated order amount of the store (excluding the first batch of samples) reaches 200,000 yuan, it can deduct 30% of the total subsidy, and the remaining decoration subsidy is 5 per month. % will be returned, and the return will be valid within one year from the date of acceptance of the store;
1.6 If the store changes the decoration without the company's consent or finds other unlicensed goods from the store, the company has the right to stop the repair post immediately.
Free sample support
2.1 After the first batch of samples of the new contracting standard store is paid in full, the actual payment will be refunded at a rate of 5% of the monthly shipment, valid within one year from the date of signing;
2.2 The return of the sample can only be used to offset the payment and not return the cash;
2.3 If the store replaces other manufacturers' products, decoration or brand before the samples are returned, the remaining unreturned part is deemed to be automatically waived.
Performance completion rebate policy
3.1 The store is entitled to a certain percentage of rebates after completing the contracted performance.
3.2 Completion of the annual task amount The company gives a rebate of 2% of annual sales, and gives a 3% bonus over the annual task amount, and awards the “excellent store” certificate and bronze medal.
3.3 Specialized promotional products, explosive products and single order discounts in daily orders can only accumulate sales, but do not count rebates.
3.4 The rebate will not be returned to cash and can only be used to offset the payment.

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